I love life and the world inspire me.
The fu­ture star­ts to­day, not to­mor­row.
No regrets only memories.
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Dorian Gray 
Lyrics written by: Mark ‘Mitzey’ Grabban
'A dream of form in days of thought' A lifetime of insecurity braved from my flaws,Visions of perfections locked behind doors,Opened by your hand, an introduction to something beautiful,A silence bar my heart’s race, as I no longer hide my shame,I look up as your beauty brings a world of all the light to my face,I pray this moment will never end, I hope this feeling will forever remain,I could wish for time to collapse if it meant I’d never see your face again,Instead I’ll cherish every second, and burn out with the highest flame,If we do not keep love burning, our hearts will always fade away,It’s this moment I realise there are always weights to carry such as pain,Unable to bear the burden of your beauty, my jealousy and envy begins to cry, But cowering away once again, my memories reminds me and I realise,This beauty at least is only skin deep, you are but an empty prize,I’ve been convinced so easily before, I’m a sucker for betryal and lies,But I refuse to fall again, I shall not concede and follow their demise,'I will not bare my soul to their shallow prying eyes,'All they understand is vanity and arrogance as a goal to lead their lives,I will keep my heart locked away, and the mistakes once made are now left behind,I realise now any words are just decoration to charm your vanity inside.

Audrey Tautou and Gaspard Ulliele in a scene from “Un long dimanche de fiançailles”.

Şuradaki Untitled: We Heart It

michael malarkey on We Heart Ithttp://weheartit.com/entry/116168903/via/daniellasofie
I’m in love with Michael Malarkey (a.k.a Enzo from TVD) 😍😍😍

Ripper brothers.